Fifty shades of gray 

Yeah, it gets lots of things about BDSM incorrect, and certainly, we never got to see the total bundle of Christian Grey, but Fifty Shades of Grey is the sexual hit of our age. This challenge would be proffered by us to critics and supporters alike: consider this movie a jumping off point for further exploration. Go in the ties and whips and spankings of the movie on to more distorted fare (or simply more intimate names).



Talking of films that get BDSM better Secretary proved to be a contentious indie film that just appears to get hotter.

Bitter Moon 


Bitter Moon might be one of the most underrated masterpieces of Roman Polanski. As our own Olivia Armstrong wrote, “What begins as a slow build becomes an extreme story of lust, fire, crazy sex, heartbreak, sadism, and command.” And do not stress! You will find lots of explicit sex scenes! Which, you know, is constantly awkwardly dry considering the director’s own heritage that is complex.



Bound is edgy- half lesbian retaliation love story, crime thriller, and a myriad of hot. Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon costar as a couple of fans who decide to fight back from the nefarious guys in their own life. They conspire to steal quite a bit of mafia cash, but things do not play the way they intended out. The Wachowskis apparently discovered teachers that were special to assist the performers with their extreme sex scenes.



Diane Lane was called a tween star with this kind of sublime and absolute beauty that she could win everyone from Ponyboy over . Subsequently, she put acting on hold and grew up. Lane’s great return to Hollywood arrived Unfaithful, in the hot and heavy play. Lane plays with an ideal housewife whose life turns upside down after she gets the sex romp of her visions using a devastatingly good-looking stranger that is foreign.

Basic Instinct 


When you think about legs or ice picks you may not immediately think of sex. Nevertheless, the utensil turned in the most alluring split second of the 1990s right into a terrifying murder weapon as well as the prudish tic. Naturally, lots of sex follows.

True Blood 


Another name for True Blood could be that insane vampire show where everyone has sex gets nude, and expires. Yes, it is about an extreme mythological universe, but it is also about hot bodies grinding up on one another and stripping down. When the plot fell into a pile of shambles, the show was worth tuning in for the eye candy.

Secret diary of a call girl 


Lots of shows and movies will feature the hooker with all the heart of gold, but she is generally there or a plot device to tell a cautionary tale that is tragic. The set dips into play, but it is generally of the type that is social.

Magic Mike 


What is fascinating about Magic Mike is that its eroticism is not couched in lust or love affair; it is all about the commodification of the man kind. And while you can find a number of sex scenes in this movie, the steam comes mainly from seeing a number of good-turned out young men shaking their butt and throwing at their crotches for the entertainment of girls. Who understands? You may be into that.



If you are on a mission to find out as much steam as you possibly can, we’d urge that you just view the pilot after which jump to episode 7, and before things get blue for our lovebirds, halt at 13. See the entire show.