TO PREVENT SEXUAL HARASSMENT! Cologne attacks: mayor lambasted for telling women to...

TO PREVENT SEXUAL HARASSMENT! Cologne attacks: mayor lambasted for telling women to keep men at arm’s length


The remarks came in a press conference at which Reker made her first public comments on New Year’s Eve in regards to the events. Charges were made by about 90 girls to authorities, many relating to sexual assault.

Many reported having been surrounded by sets of competitive and intoxicated menof north African or Arabic look who mugged them and harassed. One girl is considered to possess been raped.

A police spokesman described the events as “a new measurement in offense”. About 1,000 guys were assembled on the square in front of the city the on Thursday of ‘s principal night, although just a little amount of them are considered to have been involved in the strikes.

Reker additionally advised girls to “stick together in groups, do not get split up, even if you are in a party mood”.

Journalists in the press conference said the mayor had responded to the first question and the extent to which it’d caught her off guard was shown by her battle for a response.

Reker’s remarks triggered outrage on social networking.

A politician, Christopher Lauer, tweeted: “Guy: “I ‘d meant to mug this girl and molest her, but shit!
A journalist, Alexander Nabert, wrote:

Marie von den Benken, another Twitter user, wrote: “Frau Reker, the matter in regards to the one arm’s length seems more like one brain cell.”

Cologne will observe carnival season, when thousands go to the roads next month. The authorities, who’ve declared important mistakes in how that they managed the events of the new year, say they are going to change how that they manage including introducing more cellular video cameras, the upcoming parties.