THIS IS CALLED ACT! Obama defends gun-control measures in town hall event

THIS IS CALLED ACT! Obama defends gun-control measures in town hall event


Firearm enthusiasts said Obama’s order overlooks the mark as it pertains to preventing another disaster like at Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech or Columbine.

The NRA live- tweeted in accordance with The Huffington Post.

Major interest has been attracted by Mr Obama’s activities on firearms in the presidential campaign, with all the Republicans expressing resistance and the Democratic nominees.

In a single exchange, Cooper said some Americans just do not trust Obama’s purposes, requesting the president if it was “reasonable to call it a conspiracy”.

Donald Trump said he differs together with the president on his gun control measures as President Barack Obama makes an aggressive drive to curb gun violence, but his tears were real.

“I ‘m not thinking about going over and speaking to the president who does not have a fundamental degree of regard or understanding of the Second Amendment and law abiding firearm owners in this state”. Just 40 percent said there’s even a firearm inside their house.

His strategy would alter the meaning of which firearm sellers run background checks on would-be purchasers and therefore must make an application to get a national dealer’s permit.

IN is a firearm state, and government leaders here are pushing back on President Obama’s attempts to boost gun control.

On Thursday night, President Barack Obama printed an oped in the New York Times, making an argument for “common sense gun reform”, following a week where he is campaigned for more stringent gun control.

Firearm supporters continue to weep conspiracy, asserting the president is trying to confiscate all firearms, as President Obama works to enforce gun control regulations.