ADORABLE! Katrina Kaif just dragged Aditya Roy Kapur to shop in the...

ADORABLE! Katrina Kaif just dragged Aditya Roy Kapur to shop in the busy streets of Janpath and look what they bought!


Katrina Kaif and the Fitoor of Aditya Roy Kapur is all everyone’s talking about! Everywhere I see and everywhere I got, Adi’s Fitoor and Kat is a sensation even before it is release. Now obviously that has to occur given how hot these two are. * weeps* Yeah, their hotness will literally make you weep!

Tears of delight? Sure. But mainly it’s tears of envy. Did you know that Aditya Roy Kapur could sing too? As he sang Yeh Fitoor Mera in the IIM campus, this dude totally stole my heart. In the event you gotta give someone a rockstar label, I believe, he is right here. Katrina is less in making us weep.

Her recent outings have been nothing less than excessive and the notion that she worked out to make those hot abs gets us weep.

Not fair, you two. And only when you think their hotness is something that is challenging to manage, they push out their cuteness also! Aditya and Katrina are in the capital, marketing their forthcoming movie, Fitoor as everybody’s aware.

They’ve already painted the town red using their extensive promotional spree but now they decided to go shopping too! Therefore the couple, Firdaus and Noor if I may say so, determined to reach the Janpath road in Delhi guess what, following an intensive investigation, found the one that was perfect and to shop for many scarves. sigh* So much cuteness, you also.

Yup They’re definitely planning on kill us by being so adorable. It’s gonna be a massacre, you guys! Directed by Abhishek Kapoor, the film stars Lara Dutta, Aditi Rao Hydari and Tabu and is slated to release on 12 th February. Can’t wait to see Kat and Adi cast their Fitoor! Tell us in the comments section below!