HOT Kylie Jenner Bares Her Butt & Shows Off Sexy Hip Tattoo...

HOT Kylie Jenner Bares Her Butt & Shows Off Sexy Hip Tattoo In Photo Shoot


Kylie Jenner’s becoming scandalous yet! The Lip Kit maven posted the signs to Instagram, and modeled pantless to get a fresh photo shoot. Click through to view the superb racy pic!

Leave Kylie Jenner, 18 with it, to keep outdoing herself! As can be — and absolutely pantless she looks stunning! Click through to view the pic! Kylie, booty! How great does she appear? We are stunned with these pics, shot by Sasha Samsonova, which reveal while just wearing a black hoodie body suit Kylie crouched on her knees.


And by simply, we mean just! Kylie is wearing the bare minimum leaving many her buttocks shown and barefoot. The posture additionally flaunts her hot, but subtle hip tat, the phonetic spelling of “sanity.” She wants a dose of it in her mad, frantic life!


The 2nd pic doesn’t show off the tattoo too, but it is flirty and super cute! We are actually liking this shoot for her hair and make-up, also. Her make-up game is depending on normal, as she wears a hefty smokey eye, powerful eyebrows and lips that are bare.