SAD! No Love, No Sex: Harry Styles Dumps Kendall Jenner For Saying...

SAD! No Love, No Sex: Harry Styles Dumps Kendall Jenner For Saying No; Taylor Swift, Beau Moving In?


Model Kendal Jenner and one Direction star Harry Styles have seemingly go – and it is supposedly due to Kendall’s withholding sex from her beau that was rumored. Wait, what?

The two have supposedly been dating one another since they rekindled their love affair back in December 2015, in which they were seen flaunting their public display of affection while on board a luxury yacht in St. Barts.If reports and rumors are to be trusted, the reality TV star purportedly needs to be more serious with Harry than they were amid their previous fling manner back in 2013.

In order to accomplish that, Kendall Jenner elect to withhold any serious physical contact together with the artist.

Yet, it seems like such affair won’t seemingly be for long, as recent news noted that their primary reason for breaking up is on account of Kendall, does not desire to participate in any sexual relations with Harry until the vocalist gives to her.

“So she instituted a sex prohibition until he is able to prove he is 100% committed to her. This is a trial period. If he makes one misstep, he will be dumped for good.”

Australia Network, on the other hand, noted that another source said that, he could be merely appreciating his full liberty as of the second and that Harry Styles was not to be completely attributed.

“Harry finally has some freedom while One Direction are on hiatus,” the report shown.”The last thing he wants will be locked down in a relationship, even supposing it is having a woman as amazing and stunning as Kendall. It is nothing to do with her, it’s just not where his head is at.”

Meanwhile, beau Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift appears to be all prepared to take another step inside their relationship, as Inquisitr reveal that the couple might be moving in together after a serious security violation was endured by Taylor at her home in Bel Air.

“Calvin was really concerned to learn that Taylor could’ve come to harm,” an insider revealed. “He told her the simple alternative would be to move in with him, so he is able to protect her and she will not be in any danger.”