FINALLY! Preity Zinta BREAKS her silence on marriage; says she wants to...

FINALLY! Preity Zinta BREAKS her silence on marriage; says she wants to be left ALONE!


Since morning there have been endless reports about Preity Zinta covertly getting married to her alleged boyfriend Gene Goodenough.

Several websites confidently carried this news which basically had a particular source suggesting saying, “It Is a five day affair in the US from February 12-16. Preity is thinking about tying the knot with Gene since quite some time.” These preceding reports while many actually believed.

Begs to disagree and desires you guys to PREVENT discussing about her marriage. I think you need to shut down your paper or carry ACTUAL news!

“Can you leave my marriage announcement to me pls AFTER ALL ITS MY LIFE TILL THEN LEAVE ME ALONE Grrrrrrrrrr !” She even lashed out a leading daily by quoting their piece of news about the same and said, “Really ? I think you should shut down your paper or carry REAL news ! I am actually fed up of MANUFACTURED NEWS.” Clearly, Preity is mighty pissed over these baseless reports surrounding her marriage. But one thing that’s interesting is the fact how nowhere has she mentioned about her alleged boyfriend Gene Goodenough in any of her tweets.

He supports, encourages and comprehends her. Gene gave her firm during IPL and she flew back with him to the US after the finals, as he needed to return to work,”Nonetheless, contrary to the aforementioned, Preity’s representative maintains “Gene is NOT Preity’s boyfriend. He’s a really good friend. Preity’s brother and little niece live in the USA and she visits them often. She consequently has a great deal of quite good friends in America.”