FEAR ALERT! 5 revelations made by Sonam Kapoor about her biggest fear,...

FEAR ALERT! 5 revelations made by Sonam Kapoor about her biggest fear, actresses’ insecurities and lucky charm – watch video!


Sonam Kapoor isn’t your normal Bollywood diva. She’s spunky, feisty, and a pure delight to be around and that’s just what interpreted once I met her lately. Modeling all pretty, Sonam looked quite calm and composed as she discussed about her forthcoming release, Neerja. Now normally you are quite apprehensive if you own a movie releasing across the corner. But surprisingly, this girl wasn’t a tad nervous about anything or the audience response for that matter. Instead, she gave frank opinions in regards to the box office tendencies, her biggest fear and Neerja will touch more hearts than criticisms.

#On her transition from family entertainers to a biopic

So she started by discussing the challenges that she faced during this huge transition from doing rom-coms, family entertainers to doing a completely performance oriented film like Neerja. She said, “Well, its’ a biopic but films like Khoobsurat, Raanjhana or Prem Ratan also require the same effort. You need to learn your lines and act. They are just different genres. So I think every film comes with a different set of challenges. And every film requires a performance. I have tried my best with every film and Neerja as well.”

#On reports of Neerja being banned in Pakistan

“Neerja has not been banned in Pakistan as of yet and I really don’t think there should be any objections towards Neerja because the film hasn’t come out. Moreover, we have made Neerja extremely honestly, have tried to stick to the true story as close to it as possible. Everybody is involved. We have made it as honest and as amazing as we can so that we respect the wishes of her family.”

#On revealing her lucky charm

“I am believer in God. I read Hanuman Chalisa as a ritual but it has nothing to do with luck and all. I believe in destiny. I believe in God’s grace. I pray everyday and I think I am blessed by life. I have a rudraksh where I say Om Namah Shivaay. I am a Shiv Bhakt. I truly believe in God and respect every religion. Honestly I don’t have any ‘lucky charms’. I think you create your own luck and you work hard or work honestly and you believe in the grace of God, then good things happen to good people

#On her Biggest Fear growing up as a child

You’ll be surprised but she confessed, “I cannot sleep alone. I am afraid of the dark. I have an overactive imagination. So I always used to believe that there’s this monster going to come and get me.(laughs) You know how children are?” Ask her how has it changed now and she quips, “It’s the same. That will never change. I still can’t sleep alone. I have to keep that one light on..”

#On actresses’ biggest fear in the industry

“I think of being inconsequential. Of being somebody who is just loved for her beauty; I think as an actor I was loved only for my beauty but eventually beauty fades. But talent never goes away. I believe I have earned every line on my face. Age has given me wisdom and I love ageing. So for me that’s not a fear but my fear is becoming somebody who is afraid of growing up.”