Top Trending Tunes: Shah Rukh Khan’s Jabra Fan, Alia Bhatt’s Kar Gayi...

Top Trending Tunes: Shah Rukh Khan’s Jabra Fan, Alia Bhatt’s Kar Gayi Chull and John Abraham’s Rock Tha Party are a hit this week!


The long week is finally over and it is Sunday once again, and just like every Sunday, BollywoodLife brings you Trending tunes. In today’s feature we bring you 5 most popular songs at the moment, out of which 3 are party numbers! So check out these 5 great songs and party away…

 Jabra Fan (Fan)

This Shah Rukh Khan song has been ruling the charts for quite sometime and rightly so, for it perfectly shows what’s it like to be a die hard fan of a superstar. King Khan rocks in an impish Delhi boy avatar whose looks and mannerisms are completely different from his usual self. Suiting the mood and theme of the song, Vishal and Shekhar have done a great job of creating a funky score for Jabra Fan. Singer Nakash Aziz of course is awesome as his voice matches the energy that SRK shows on screen.

Kar Gayi Chull (Kapoor and Sons)

Have you blared this song in your house party yet? Because this number will breathe new life into it! Claimed to be the house party anthem, this song doesn’t fall short on its claim. It is majorly sung by famous rapper Badshah, who is supported Fazilpuria, Neha Kakkar and Sukriti Kakkar. The DJ Waaley Babu star has not only sung this number but has also written the super catchy lyrics and composed music too, which he did along with Amaal Malik. So chull out with his awesome party song from Kapoor and Sons.

High Heels Te Nachche (Ki and Ka)

Ki and Ka is all about gender role reversal. So Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor come up with a super fun song that will make you tap your feet but also show its message loud and clear. We see Arjun Kapoor grooving in this super peppy party song wearing high heels and Kareena Kapoor wearing men’s formal shoes! Of course this song is lot more than the cool footwear swap. Meet Bros have sung and composed a brilliant number which fit to be played at any parties. But what’s a party song without Yo Yo Honey Singh, so the famous Punjabi rapper has also contributed to High Heels with a super catchy rap.

Rock Tha Party (Rocky Handsome)

This song from Rocky Handsome is a pretty cool rendition of the Bombay Rockers song, Rock Tha Party. The famous Indo-Danish duo of Navtej Singh Rehal and Thomas Sardorf are back to really rock your world with their most famous song. It is quite similar to the original, but with a lot of extra flare and spice. Nora Fatehi sets the screen on fire as she moves around sensuously to the music with the two rockers. You can also catch John Abraham brooding and looking all grim once in awhile. On the whole, it is a real cool song that is as good as the original!

Bekhudi (Teraa Suroor)

This is the only sad and angst filled song that has made this list. Himesh Reshammiya might be many things, but one thing he is really good at is composing and writing music. The musician turned actor has given a very sad and emotional score for this song, which is very apt considering that this song is all about heartbreak and separation. Singer Darshan Raval is amazing as he hits really high notes. He is supported by Aditi Singh Sharma’s angelic voice. The superb playback singing, combined with Himesh’s emotional score, make it a perfect melody for lovelorn people.