‘2010 Kim!’ SEXY Kardashian flaunts slim figure in retro cycling shorts

‘2010 Kim!’ SEXY Kardashian flaunts slim figure in retro cycling shorts


At 132lbs, she claims to be merely 12lbs away from her goal weight, or as she likes to call it, ‘2010 Kim.’ As she stepped out for a meeting in Santa Monica, California and Kim Kardashian showed off her hard work on Tuesday. The 35-year old looked stunning as she flaunted her svelte body in a retro pair of cycling shorts.



  • Adam Jake

    She just never stops lying. Pure BS. Oh just shut up and go away. Nobody still couldn’t give a flying rats butt about anything she says or does. It’s all set up staged fake and phony and everybody knows it. She’s all plastic surgery, oversized breast implants hip and fake balloon butt implants, liposuction and tummy tucks, botox frozen and those hysterical fake eyelashes you can swat flies with. She pushing 36 her plastic surgery is falling apart big time she’s been so overdone it’s not even funny. Everybody knows she’s going for another round of liposuction and tummy tucks. No way in the world you loose that amount of weight in 5 months and not have your fat and flab flapping around. Yet, she still has to be airbrushed and hysterically photo shopped. She does not come remotely close looking like those joke photo shopped photos she PAYS a ton of money to post.

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