Sports: Ex-England footballer Paul Stewart talks about sexual abuse


Tottenham footballer Paul Stewart and former England has spoken of being abused as a youth player.

Mr Stewart, who also played for Liverpool and Manchester City and started his professional career with Blackpool, told the Mirror he was mistreated by an unnamed trainer daily.

It comes after two ex-Crewe players said they were abused by a team trainer.

The manager of the Professional Footballers’ Association said he anticipated more players to come and raise voice against sexual abuse.

The three players have each waived their right to anonymity.
Mr Stewart said his attacker got away with it and told the Mirror he was mistreated up to the age of 15.

He’s attributed the maltreatment for medicinal and beverage problems later in his profession.

‘Double amounts’

In the Mirror, he said: “I have seen a counsellor, but I am resigned to the fact it will always be there and it is how I deal with it. I don’t sit around the house crying all the time, but tears are a release at times.”

PFA chief Gordon Taylor said: “I would suggest there’s going to be into double figures from what I am hearing that once Andy has come out, we’re now seeing more and more players come out and having the confidence to come out.

“But it’s going to take some time.

“We’re now meeting up with other such players and looking to counsel and advise them with regard to the current situation and the future.”