RIP! India’s Jayaram Jayalalitha passes away at 68 after heart attack


The CM had been suffering a lung disease for a little while now. This morning, she had gone through a surgery and was reported to be fine from the Party’s CR. Four eminent cardiologists had flown in to treat the CM. Doctors from AIIMS were looking into her condition. She was on life support for both heart and her lungs.

There was a tremendous crowd on learning the news outside Apollo Hospital. Her assistants to whom she’s fondly known as Amma had prayed fervently for her healing. As we now have lost an eminent leader, today, the nation is now a dumber place. It’s a tremendous loss for all her assistants, Followers to come to terms with. She’s done a lot for her state, that her followers won’t forget. Also Read: CM Jayalalithaa’s condition very critical after cardiac arrest

The security has been beefed up. Riot police are keeping the crowd in control everywhere. Everything in Tamil Nadu has come to a stand still. It will take some time to the state to come to terms with this loss that is tremendous. It was on September 22, Jayalalithaa was admitted for vomiting and fever and also the people was informed that she would return soon. But it was an illness that desired longer treatment. She had been treated by means of a team of specialists. The truth is, it was recently annouced her vital organs were working well and the CM was nursing back to health. The chairman ahd also said the CM could go home whenever she needed.

For those who don’t know, Jayalalithaa is an actress turned politican that is in office since this past year. She has been serving as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu since 1991. Before entering politics, she’d worked in 140 films across Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. She was also a trained dancer of various forms.