Misconduct Case-Former Hong Kong Leader Donald Tsang in Landmark

Misconduct Case-Former Hong Kong Leader Donald Tsang in Landmark


The onetime chief executive supposedly loved time with strong business magnates and high-end yachts via links.

Crowds gather outside of Hong Kong Government Complex at Admiratly district on to mark the very first anniversary of the Revolution that is Umbrella.

Donald Tsang, Hong Kong’s previous chief executive, appeared in court to face two charges of misconduct during his seven-year tenure in the best office of the territory. Your choice to prosecute the former leader, following a probe that was drawn-out, brought a mob of foreign and local reporters to the Eastern Law Courts and of the city is viewed as a crucial litmus test of the transparency in Hong Kong .

The former leader arrived under overcast heavens, accompanied by his own wife and dressed Selina.

Those claims prompted the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), the antigraft body in Hong Kong, to start an official investigation.

In a statement released noon Monday, the Hong Kong Department of Justice stated that the Shenzhen property particularly concerned. Between November 2010 and January 2012, when local authorities met to talk about the permit renewal of a Hong Kong broadcasting company, Tsang supposedly did not reveal a leading investor in the firm was likewise the man with whom he’d organized the rental on the luxurious flat, purportedly at a substantially decreased rent. Additionally, between July 2011 and December 2010, Tsang suggested that an architectural designer named Barrie Ho be considered to get a public accolade purportedly neglecting to declare that Ho had done the interior design work flat.