$6 Meal: US President Barack Obama’s day out in Vietnam

$6 Meal: US President Barack Obama’s day out in Vietnam


Vietnam’s 54 -year old restaurant owner Nguyen Thi Lien was in for a nice jolt on Monday when US President Barack Obama wandered in to taste some Vietnamese delicacies.

Taking time out of frantic Vietnam schedule to spend some time with chef and food critic Anthony Bourdain, who fronts a travel show throughout the world about hidden culinary jewels.

While Lien was not unaware of foreign television crew that was on the way, but she had no notion they’d be bringing a very special guest with them.

The local authorities and the US Secret Service closed down the streets encircling Bun Cha Huong Lien eatery just as Obama checked in on Monday. Naturally a large crowd gathered outside the restaurant just to get glimpse of the world’s most sought after personality.

“Obama was cheerful, smiling, fine and popular ” the store owner was quoted as saying by AFP. Chef Bourdain posted a photo of the dinner on his Instagram feed with the caption “The President’s chopstick as reported by the service abilities are on point”.