Back to the Future much-loved movie trilogy

Back to the Future much-loved movie trilogy


Devotees of the show are marking the milestone date of Wednesday by observing a few of the predictions that came true in the saga futuristic – and some that did not.

The pictures follow the time-travelling experiences of youthful Marty, a teen residing in small town America in 1985 played by Michael J. Fox. “I was a teenager when the film was released. I remember thinking it will be fun to watch it later when I have a family,” said Brad Russell, creator and president of the Washington West Film Festival, which will be arranging a retrospective on the show.

“We watched it this year with my family. It was rewarding.”

Russell is arranging a marathon projection of the three movies, which came out in 1990 and 1985, 1989. Many other movie theaters are doing similarly. He even was able to get the town of Reston, Virginia to change its name for the festival’s period.

A billboard that reads “Welcome to Hill Valley” – the fictitious town where the movie takes place – will be to greet numerous collectors of DeLorean cars anticipated to get a parade on Sunday. A red carpet will soon be unfurled for Christopher Lloyd, who plays with Doc Brown, and Bob Gale, who wrote the script.

Where the pictures were filmed, devotees dressed up as Marty will assemble outside a fast food restaurant where the youthful hero catches on a pick-up to speed his skateboard ride.

Auto manufacturer Toyota, a favorite of the film’s hero, has jumped to the fray, also. The web site features a conversation between Lloyd and Fox on the innovations envisioned in the movie and which became truth — from facsimiles to videoconferences.

Even the White House is jumping to the anniversary, arranging on-line discussions with specialists on the issue “What does 2045 look like?” “Forecasts is an enjoyable dialogue we’re having,” Russell said. Some are being worked on, including increasingly complex images of dog walking drones and the well-known hoverboard, which likewise feature in the picture. One joke that’s long gone undetected outside the US resonates big time for Americans: the Chicago Cubs baseball team’s achievement.

In the next instalment of the show, the team known affectionately as the “lovable losers” wins the 2015 World Series.

Nike is releasing a variant of the self-lacing Nike Mag shoes that Marty wore in in the film and Pepsi will sell limited edition “Pepsi Perfect” — Marty’s pop of preference in the hit show. “We’re excited to be a part of the second also to bring supporters something just Pepsi could deliver — and there is no need to wait — the future is now,” said Lou Arbetter, Pepsico senior manager of advertising.

The bottled beverage, complete with collectible case, will sell at $20.15. Only 6,500 Pepsi Perfect bottles were just on-line, and accessible.