Latest Victim of Nipple Censorship

Latest Victim of Nipple Censorship


The Christie’s bid race was tight, a record broke, and, well, that’s a fuckton of money to lose on anything, so it made news worldwide.

However, as print and television outlets began to report the story, one interesting tendency became apparent: The reclining nude in the painting had her nipples and genital region censored.

When I first became attentive to the breast-clouding, my initial instinct was to let a low bellow out, such as a creature that is hurt and famished, then go all She-Hulk and destroy my computer. (But I undoubtedly can not manage a new computer and I did not, because I have that reaction I see on the web.)

It is frustrating enough the nipple is sexualized often on a day to day basis, what with social media networks like Instagram compelling girls to pull down topless photos. But censoring a work of art just looks prudish and ridiculous — IT’s A GODDAMN PAINTING. Not only this, however a painting with cultural and historical value that depicts the most natural thing of all: the body. Definitely these news outlets have guidelines to stick to — but it is time to reconsider them.