9 killed by gunman Gunman in Oregon school shooting

9 killed by gunman Gunman in Oregon school shooting


Nine individuals are killed and seven injured in a shooting in a school say authorities.

The gunman, 26, opened fire on Thursday and was killed in a police shootout.

The attacker has not been identified by authorities but unnamed officers have told US media.

Mr Hanlin said he wouldn’t support the name, including: “I’m not going to give him the credit he likely sought prior to the horrific and cowardly action.”


The gunman went to the United States as a young lad and was apparently born in Britain.

The killer’s motivation isn’t understood, although authorities said they were investigating reports that he’d warned on social networking of his goals.

Such shootings – and his own answer – had become regular, he explained, hardly hiding his exasperation.

“Police aren’t the sole nation on Earth that’s individuals with mental illnesses or wish to accomplish damage to others.”


“But other people are the only advanced nation on Earth that sees these mass shootings every month or two.”

Referring to some BBC interview where seven talked about this, he said states such as Australia and Great Britain revealed that legislation that was successful was not impossible.

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Lorie Andrews, who lives opposite the campus, said she heard when she came from her house she saw pupils streaming out and what sounded like fireworks.


Hannah Miles, 19, said that she and fellow pupils were led into a closeby book shop.

“No one actually was certain what was going on,” she said.

The 3,000-pupil school is located about 175 miles (280 km) south.

Numerous folks assembled at night for a vigil.

The defendant allegedly used a “long gun”.

Bus carried pupils to an area fairground to be reunited with their nearest and dearest.

In accordance with the web site of Umpqua Community College, students’ typical age is about 38.