A big asteroid is hurtling toward Earth

A big asteroid is hurtling toward Earth


There is a huge asteroid hurtling toward Earth and will shave past our planet on Halloween, but astronomers say there is no must be spooked — it’s definitely not on a collision course.

Early estimates put its size of the asteroid — called 2015 TB145 — at about 1,542 feet in diameter, as stated by Skies and the astronomy web site World.

It is anticipated to function as the biggest known cosmic body to get until 2027 near our planet, said the US space agency Nasa. “If the size is correct, the new found asteroid is 28 times bigger than the Chelyabinsk meteor that penetrated the atmosphere over Russia in February 2013,” Earth and Sky said.

The good news is that this asteroid will pass in a really safe distance of about 310,000 miles, or 1.3 times the span between the Earth and the Moon.

The asteroid will actually pass closer to the Moon in relation to the Earth, skimming by at distance.