A PERFORMANCE TO REMEMBER! Justin Bieber Sings Hits & Raps With Tyga...

A PERFORMANCE TO REMEMBER! Justin Bieber Sings Hits & Raps With Tyga During Surprise Performance


Surprise, it is Justin Bieber! JB showed up to LA’s 1 OAK club to provide a particular show to people who have been fortunate to be there on Jan. 30. To create the night even more heroic, Justin and Tyga rapped also!

How can you prefer to have your Saturday night party, Justin Bieber crash? He brought along Tyga for the excitement, rapping to close out the night — talk about impressive! Perched atop the DJ booth at the center of the nightclub, Justin danced and sang to his hits “Pitiful,” “Where Are U Now,” and “What Does One Mean?,” absolutely amping everyone upward. At the center of his look, Justin inquired the crowd, “How many folks believed which you would enjoy Justin Bieber?”

Certainly The Biebs believed the entire place was won by him over by giving them a surprise show! Tyga came out to join the fun also, as in case a medley of his own hits was not good enough. Tyga and considering Justin were collectively, we are surprised Kourtney Kardashian or Kylie Jenner were not there to see their epic performance.

Kourtney surely missed out on an insanely wonderful nighttime, a night to consider, but undoubtedly had!