Aamir Khan has come under heavy criticism from the BJP

Aamir Khan has come under heavy criticism from the BJP


Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has come under significant criticism in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and individuals in the movie fraternity over his comments on toleration increasing in the united states.

“When Aamir chew the fat with Kiran at house, she says, ‘should we move out of India?’ Thatis a significant and catastrophic statement for Kiran. Kiran worries for her kid. Kiran worries what the setting will be. His wife Kiran feels frightened to open the papers daily. That does suggest that there’s this awareness of growing disquiet, there’s growing despondency apart from alarm,” Aamir said.

In some tweets Anupam Kher, that has worked with Aamir in hit films like Dil and Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin, said, “Presumed state has become #Intolerant. What can you propose to millions? Leave on India?

“Did you request Kiran which state would she like to move out to? Did you tell Kiran but you never thought of moving out and that you’ve lived through more times that are worse in this nation. You talked about practices that were bad but gave hope although in. So even in ‘Intolerant’ times you must distribute expect not panic,” Kher said.