According to the latest ranking Kuwait ranked 108 on ‘slavery’

According to the latest ranking Kuwait ranked 108 on ‘slavery’


Kuwait was ranked 108th among 167 countries with regard to the amount of individuals trapped in modern captivity with 18,200; while it ranked 25th in the estimated percentage of population in modern slavery at 0.467 percent, according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index released by Walk Free Foundation Tuesday.

The report revealed that more than 45 million men, women and children worldwide are trapped in modern captivity, signaling this figure is far more than previously believed with two-thirds in the Asia Pacific. Walk Free Foundation is an initiative set up by Australian billionaire mining magnate and philanthropist Andrew Forest in 2012 to draw attention to the modern slavery issue.

It compiled information from 167 countries in 53 languages to ascertain interviews with 42,000 the prevalence of the problem.

It suggested that there were 28 percent more slaves than estimated two years ago, a revision accomplished through better data collection and research approaches. Modern slavery refers to situations of exploitation that a individual cannot leave due to threats, violence, coercion, abuse of power or deceit.

They may be held on fishing boats in debt bondage or trapped in brothels.

The report said that India had the greatest quantity of individuals trapped in slavery at 18.35 million, while North Korea had the highest prevalence (4.37 percent of the inhabitants) and the feeblest government response.