Active Plan: PM turns down proposal to enhance CSS exam age limit

Active Plan: PM turns down proposal to enhance CSS exam age limit


The letter stated the authorities should motivate individuals to join the civil service at a younger age, at that they can be likely to be relatively more open to the fundamental tenets of the public interest as well as the core ethos of civil service.

The letter stated the minimal present stipulated condition when it comes to expertise for just about any Fundamental Scale 21 to be considered for promotion to BS22 is 24 years. It pointed that in actual practice it takes even more, & most officers wind up having the ability to serve in BS22 for the past year or two in their careers and several policemen even superannuate in BS-21.

The letter pointed the government requires its experienced and veteran officers to serve in its most critical executive, leadership and policymaking place, especially those having a level of stability and continuity.

It had been said that for the big part, it was not possible since most policemen superannuate immediately after promotion to BS 22.Increasing the age limit from 28 to 30 would only exacerbate this case as a lot more policemen would superannuate before, or shortly after, their promotions to BS22, the letter said. “This then would mean a further decrease in the pool of veteran and experienced officers offered to the national and provincial authorities for appointment in crucial places.”