Adele’s lyrics can speak to the heart, can’t they?

Adele’s lyrics can speak to the heart, can’t they?


Adele’s lyrics can talk to the heart, cant they? That’s why texting the words to Hello your ex is definitely a lols idea. Because, well, even if you don’t like that ex that much at all, it is possible to conceal your emotions on the other side of the reality it’s a joke (maybe it is not, don’t tell them that) plus, they could very well fall for the joke. The lyrics are only that relatable!

Mary Calderella screengrabbed the dialog and tweeted it along with the opinion: ‘When the ex-husband falls for Adele lyrics’

Her ex-husband was baffled, saying things like: ‘I am the one who should be sorry…and you are the one that is absolutely good now.’

After testing the waters with: ‘I feel as you will really regret saying this when you’re sober,’ the ex-husband jumped in with all the indicative’ You miss me?? ‘

But, well, sucks to be her ex. Not only does he appear to be having a rough time of it compared to Mary, but he hasn’t even loved the new Adele song nonetheless! That, or he’s somewhat dumb to work out those are lyrics not real platitudes from his ex…