ADORABLE! “I Wish I Could Hold Her Hand For The Rest Of...

ADORABLE! “I Wish I Could Hold Her Hand For The Rest Of Her Life” – Akshay Kumar Talks About His 3-Year-Old Daughter


Akshay Kumar is one tough man who loves his martial arts and action. His son Aarav has followed in his footsteps and now he’s said he will be sending his daughter Nitara for classes as soon as she turns 4.

He told HT:

“She will be starting her training when she turns four, which is not too far. It is important for girls to feel that they have the confidence, and the strength to defend themselves — anytime, anywhere and against anyone. A man can’t imagine the insecurities, and the fear some women have to face on a daily basis. I can only protect my daughter if she learns to protect herself. I wish I could hold her hand for the rest of her life, but I know that that’s just a father’s dream. Whether she likes it or not, she will have to learn these self-defence techniques. I already have a feeling that Nitara’s going to be a little Ninja. There is power in her big brown eyes, and I can’t wait to put that to some good use.”