Afghan celebrity encourages girls to keep working

Afghan celebrity encourages girls to keep working


She showed the world more in relation to the vibrant traditional Afghan dress she was wearing, when the red carpet walked to the initial night of the biggest film festival in Asia.

She showed the face of girls in Afghanistan to the world.

For Afghan girls, revealing one’s face as well as on an enormous display, is disliked by conservatives there as the fall of the hardline Islamic Taliban regime permitted girls to go back to workplaces, schools as well as to parliament. Many women still put on the clothes that covers women from head to toe using a net panel on the facial skin, a burqa.

Walking the red carpet and co-hosting the event that is opening in the 20th yearly Busan International Film Festival proved to be a major step for the 23 year old Gulbahari but for her fellow country folks.

“For now, living in Afghanistan is hard for ordinary individuals. “About some years past (I) got some warnings in the Taliban which you cannot work. In the event that you appear again, we’ll kill you.”

Gulbahari is a part of film history in her state although little known outside the festival group. It had been Afghanistan’s first post-Taliban picture also it won the Golden Globe prize for the best foreign picture in 2003.

Just like the family of Gulbahari wanted her to support her seven siblings and her parents when she was young.

“What could I do to support my loved ones?” she said.

Those moments in her life supplied lessons that acting schools couldn’t although Gulbahari never went to acting school.

“I ‘ve encounters. Terrible encounters,” she said using a beaming grin.

Although she’s now a huge star in Afghanistan, she “never” believed she’d become an actress.

She failed to realize the film was fiction.