Afghan forces found bid to retake Kunduz

Afghan forces found bid to retake Kunduz


After enduring a serious military reverse when it had been captured by the Taliban on Monday, Afghan forces have started an operation to retake the town of Kunduz.

The region has cleared across the police headquarters as well as the central prison, officials said.
In among their largest assaults the Taliban had driven officials and Afghan troops to pull away to free hundreds from jail and the airport.

As President Ashraf Ghani finished in office, the assault on the northern city arrived.

Kunduz is the primary provincial capital since they lost power in the US, captured by the Taliban -led invasion 14 years past, as well as the progress of the Taliban there will stack pressure.

“The Afghan security forces happen to be retaking the majority of the tactical areas of town,” he said.

There were reports from Kunduz that Taliban fighters were attempting to dissolve away among the civilian populace.

Mullah Akhtar Mansour, the Taliban’s new leader, said the authorities should declare defeat.

Kunduz residents “shouldn’t worry about their lives and property” and should “continue as standard”, he explained in a statement.

Electricity and telephone services for all the city were apparently down.