Afghan offensive to retake Kunduz from Taliban falls as airport is surrounded...

Afghan offensive to retake Kunduz from Taliban falls as airport is surrounded by militants


A promised counterattack by Afghan forces geared toward retaking the strategic city of Kunduz failed early Wednesday as countless civilians and soldiers allegedly fled to the airport in the city, where insurgent forces besieged them.

The newspaper reported that government buildings in Takhar Province, east of Kunduz and several military checkpoints, had also come under assault by militants.

The Associated Press reported that Taliban combatants started fanning out across Kunduz Tuesday throwing up checkpoints as frightened residents huddled inside and torching government buildings. Roadblocks and ambushes delayed Afghan forces trying to retake the city, unable to go closer than about a mile.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to brief media on the problem.

His words indicated the fight would entail painstaking road-by-street fighting as government forces attempt to prevent civilian casualties. Reuters reported that Afghan forces had expressed a reluctance to make use of heavy artillery and assault helicopters .

The insurgents used mosque loudspeakers to make an effort to assure folks they were not dangerous.