After ‘American Idol’ La’Porsha Renae Slammed For Insensitivity when She Criticizes LGBT...

After ‘American Idol’ La’Porsha Renae Slammed For Insensitivity when She Criticizes LGBT ‘Lifestyle’


‘American Idol’ runner-up La’Porsha Renae is under major fire for comments she lately made about the LGBT community. ’ La’Porsha continues to be faced with a lot of backlash on social media after referring to it as a ‘lifestyle. See a few of the angry tweets right here.

La’Porsha Renae made some comments on April 8 that are now getting her in hot water using the LGBT community. When reporters asked the 22-year-old American Idol runner-up about her home state of Mississippi and her ideas on its new “anti-LGBT” bill, La’Porscha suggested that she does’t agree together with the LGBT “lifestyle” — and that instantly ignited a furious argument on Twitter!

After La’Porsha revealed that she’d be leaving Mississppi in her post-Idol days, she then began to elaborate her ideas to the “Religious Liberty” bill 1523, which allows for LGBT people to be refused service from companies, individuals, and religiously affiliated organizations. “They are people just like us,” she said. “They’re people with feelings. Although all of us may not agree with that particular lifestyle for religious reasons, whatever the reason is, you still treat each other with respect…I am one of the people who don’t really agree with that lifestyle. I wasn’t brought up that way. It wasn’t how I was raised.”

Although La’Porsha instantly added that she has many friends that she loves dearly, it was her phrasing that set social media users off. And after she took to Twitter herself to defend her comments, writing,  “We don’t have to agree with each other’s life choices to love/respect one another,” she sparked another flood of furious tweets.