After latest round of peace talks, Colombia on ‘closing path’ to stop...

After latest round of peace talks, Colombia on ‘closing path’ to stop 50-year battle, President tells UN


30 September 2015 – President Juan Manuel Santos told the United Nations General Assembly today that Colombia’s 50-year struggle is coming to an end, following the most recent progress in the three-year peace process involving the Authorities and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels.

“Colombia is about the road to peace,” President Santos declared, telling officials assembled for the Assembly’s annual high level discussion that in a world where there were more than 20 armed clashes taking place, he was proud to declare the struggle in Colombia was on the last path into a true alternative.

Colombia had put a stop to the longest armed struggle in the Western Hemisphere. “Using bravery and responsibility,” Colombia he explained, was bringing an end to over 50 years of internal war. Peace “requires that each man indoors opens their head, heart and soul to reconciliation,” he added.

The system honored the principles of national and international law. “Our aim was maximum justice, which will enable us to go to peace,” he said.

An accountability system was set out by the arrangement for offenses in the type of a national court. The device could function as a precedent for other armed clashes on the planet. A deadline for the signing of a closing deal by 23 March 2016 had been establish. Additionally, the FARC would start to lay down its arms than 60 days following the signing. He could come back to the Assembly representing a Government.

Colombia was the most varied state, because of its size, also it was incredibly exposed to changes in climate.

Therefore, he explained that Colombia was eager to determine forward motion on the surroundings-relegated components of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).