After New York city and Miami, DJ Shah is famous in Tokyo

After New York city and Miami, DJ Shah is famous in Tokyo


The self-taught DJ opens up about his musical journey and attending the esteemed Redbull Thre3style competition.

It’s not surprising that Red Bull has selected him to represent Pakistan at the contest that is Thre3style.

Thre3style is like the Grand Prix DJing contests, hosted in a country that is different each year. The event congregates the best DJ’s from different states and gives them a platform.

And like most artists, he taught himself the art of DJ ing.

At the age of 13, Munir mixes he liked and tune in to the record and radio cassettes of music and would travel to New York on his dad’s business trips.
Two years later, a 15-year old Munir acquired his 1st job at an upscale restaurant and lounge called Venus On The Half Shell in Dewy Beach.

By the time he graduated from college, his family had moved to New York and his actual hustle started.

In Pakistan, the concept of DJ’s is elusive at best — many consider somebody who can make a fun playlist and play it for people to be a DJ, but like all types of music, being a great DJ is like being an artist: one has to not only discover their sound but strive to constantly evolve that sound. Also it’s fairly evident that his ability has been nurtured by Munir as he should have.