Aishwarya Reacts to Her ‘Purple Lips’ Controversy at Cannes

Aishwarya Reacts to Her ‘Purple Lips’ Controversy at Cannes


For the last few days, the world, Twitterati, fans and fashion critics have been busy losing their sleep  over Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s ‘Purple Lips’ at the Cannes Red Carpet.

While the celebrity was applauded by many for her daring move, others were busy trolling the celebrity.

And we were eagerly waiting what’s Aishwarya’s take with this!

Today the celebrity, who has time and again repeated that she’s not as troubled about her Cannes wardrobe as the others, socialized with the media.

Kudos, to the celebrity who appears to be nonchalant about people’s reaction, has a befitting answer to the criticism. Aishwarya said, “I had fun with it. It is fascinating and evoked all types of responses, and art does that. And I have maintained this over the years about creatives or the red carpet.”, although I ‘ve said this not now in the context of ‘Purple Lips’

She added, “It’s not d last or first in my life. Occasionally folks get it and occasionally they do’t. Occasionally it can be ‘Wow’ and occasionally it can be… I actually ca’t understand it. And that’s good! It’s actually not my fulcrum of existence and I’ve appreciated it.”

That’s one kickass answer, indeed!