ALARMING SITUATION FOR ALL OF US! Islamic State ruling aims to settle...

ALARMING SITUATION FOR ALL OF US! Islamic State ruling aims to settle who can have sex with female slaves


Islamic State theologians have issued an incredibly comprehensive opinion on when “owners” of girls enslaved by the extremist group can have sex together, within an obvious bid to suppress what they called breaches in the procedure of captured females.

Fatwa or the opinion gets the force of law and seems to go past the preceding known utterances on the topic of the Islamic State, a top Islamic State scholar said.

Reuters has reviewed a number of the files, which never have been previously printed.

One of the spiritual opinions are who owns a mom and daughter and son having sex together with the exact same female slave; as well as prohibitions on a dad. Combined owners of a female prisoner are likewise enjoined from sex because she’s viewed as “part of a shared possession.”

Human rights groups and the United Nations have accused the Islamic State of rape and the systematic abduction of tens of thousands of girls and women as young as 12, particularly members of the Yazidi minority. Several sold as sex slaves or have been given to combatants as a benefit.

Way from attempting to hide the practice, Islamic State has boasted about it and created a section of “war spoils” to handle captivity. Reuters reported on Monday on the presence of the section.

They were transferred “in an organized and methodical way to various locations in Iraq and Syria.” They raped or subjected to sexual violence and repeatedly were subsequently sold or given as presents.

  • Osama Bedead

    Nothing new to see here. This is all covered in the Koran. Islam is a religion that not only accepts slavery but promotes it. If real Black history were taught in schools, people would know that the slave trader who brought slaves to America didn’t go into the jungle to capture slaves. They bought them from Arab Muslims who had captured them.

    It is encouraging, however, to see that Islam is starting to treat their slaves better by giving them “rights” they would not otherwise have. This is “ALARMING” only if you are opposed to the United States continuing to push for religious “freedom” and you don’t want the US to benefit from the laws of the more enlightened of the world.

  • Jayman

    Looks like Islam is more than a religion of peace.