Alcohol could be banned at Levi’s Stadium

Alcohol could be banned at Levi’s Stadium


The beat-down of a devotee after the 49ers willing last Monday has Santa Clara City Council associates communicating thoughtful apprehensions about safety at the billion-dollar Levi’s Stadium-Two even proposing that the city replicate alcohol sales at halftime.

“We really need to send a message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated,” said Councilwoman Lisa Gillmor.

She and Councilwomen Teresa O’Neill and Debi Davis have requested that period be agreed aside at Tuesday’s meeting to discuss “possible actions to address health and safety issues at the stadium.”

The call was determined by cell phone video sent on Facebook afterward the game viewing a man in a Minnesota Vikings jersey on the roadway being stamped and jerked in the head as a handful of fans in 49ers gear surrounded him.

The work of contravention up the contest was left to a lone, unprotected security officer. On Friday, four men were arrested on suspicion of assault.

Gillmor stated the movie “very disturbing” and said it was just one sample of evil behavior on game generations that has stadium neighbors troubled.

She said the council will explore several options, including increasing the number of police officers assigned to the stadium and halting alcohol sales after halftime.

O’Neill said she might be on board with a second-half booze ban.