Alia Bhatt: “It’s not true. I am still working on my script.”

Alia Bhatt: “It’s not true. I am still working on my script.”


Alia Bhatt can be rather a charmer. Buzz from the set is that the performer has left the unit in awe of her.

I hear the unit is taken from the ease with which she’s giving her photos, as well as the easy camaraderie with them.

Being natural after every shot crew members, before the camera have been applauding her.

Gauri’s film, described as an unconventional love story, also stars Shah Rukh Khan.

Filmmaker Farah Khan stated that she hasn’t approached Parineeti Chopra and Alia Bhatt for her next film.

“It’s incorrect. I am still working on my script. The media merely jumps the gun before things happen. We haven’t approached anyone for the picture. By the conclusion of the month, we should finish the script. We’ll look for acceptable actors after that,” Farah told PTI.

Farah also failed to reveal any other aspects about the film.

“Farah can not talk much about the movie except that it’s about girl power. We are emphasizing several problems regarding women. It isn’t a preachy, boring movie. I’ve been seeing such pictures,” added Farah.