AMAZING! Chinese villagers build giant golden Chairman Mao

AMAZING! Chinese villagers build giant golden Chairman Mao


Almost 40 years following the passing of China’s “Great Helmsman” a massive gold statue of Chairman Mao continues to be erected in rural China by respecting business people and villagers.

Chinese media reports say the statue is made from concrete and steel and decorated in golden -coloured paint.

Henan province one of the poorest regions in China, was among the places worst hit by the famine, which some consider maintained up to 45 million lives.

Villagers and entrepreneurs in the Tongxu county in Henan apparently started building on their Mao homage in March a year ago and finished the statue in mid-December. Pictures of the colossal chairman in China disperse quickly on the Chinese web after being released with a Henan-based news website.

“In modern China, Mao Zedong signifies the embodiment of equity and justice,” Liu asserted. “In the hearts of common folks, Mao signifies equity and justice. So folks hold such emotions towards him.”

But, on-line criticism was drawn by the gold effigy. “How about utilizing the funds for poverty alleviation first?” one user of Weibo, China’s micro blogging site, wrote, in accordance with the Hong Kong Free Press web site.

Mao, whose portrait appears on banknotes and stares out over the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, has enjoyed something of a resurrection under Xi Jinping, who became president 3 years past.

Mao’s favourite revolutionary opera was recently remade for stage and screen while a professor at among China’s top universities has began offering a web-based class on “Mao Zedong Thought”.