AMAZING! Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, Matt Damon in The Martian –...

AMAZING! Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, Matt Damon in The Martian – ranking the Best Actor nominees from Worst to the Best!


Will this ultimately be the year of Leo? That is what everyone needs to understand…and we all secretly desire that to take place too! But is he good enough this year to win it? Certainly he’s toiled a lot difficult for his part that was grimy in The Revenant, but we’ve seen his better performances in movies like The Aviator, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Departed. Will other nominees give him a rough time? Let us rate the Top Actor nominees from this year’s list, according to their performances, rating in the Worst to the Greatest…
We wished that and we’re not unhappy he is nominated for the Oscars and Michael Keaton in Spotlight. But let us not keep our hopes too high…unless the Academy jury additionally despises disco music and

completely agree with Matt here!

Why he will not: Just for the exact same reason as previously!

Eddie is rather a performer that is inconsistent. By his superb joyful performance in Jupiter Ascending, he also lost bunch of supporters in exactly the same year which he gave an Oscar nominated performance. The performer has turned out to be a fave with all the jury after winning the Very Best Actor statuette, and surpassing everyone’s favourite nominee, Michael Keaton in The Birdman!

Why he will not: Having viewed the movie, it is not very difficult to deduce that the performance is Oscarbaity. Eddie was superb in The Theory of All, and his Oscar was deserved by him there. But his Danish Girl is not really profound that people can not help but root against him, thanks to the fact and a typical screenplay that we adored Alicia Vikander over him. In addition, the Academy Award aren’t understood to give the exact same man twice.

It is a worthy follow up of the career of Bryan Cranston -making role in the rage Breaking Bad. The guy is brilliant as the real life screen writer accused of propagandizing Communist political orientations within their movies. Sadly…

Why he will not: …his movie lets him down. Additionally his character is sorta low profile in comparison with another two, particularly the one that is next. So unless Oscar academy like to spring surprises let us say playing Walter White was the crowning glory of Cranston!

Leonardo DiCaprio—Therevenant

He crawls…he grunts…he foams,…he spits…he eats uncooked fish and buffalo…all in the name of method acting! And if he does not get this time to the gold statue, maybe the only Oscar that Leo can just get will be the Special Lifetime Achievement award!

Why he will not: This is not his finest performance, sadly while Leo has done his best in the part, that also with limited dialogue. That credit consistently is for his astonishingly not nominated performance in The Departed. Because Leo is loved by us so considerably, that is the reason why we’re rooting for him. But deep from my heart, I rate another man as the higher performer!

Michael Fassbender—Steve Jobs

Weird. Excellent. Applause Worthy. That is the method that you describe the guy who played with him and also both Steve Jobs. Though he does not just look like the delayed Apple CEO, Fassbender has not made a wrong measure playing with one of the most iconic men of our generation. He was essentially living in the shoes of Occupation, and the volatile script of Aaron Sorkin really elevates his character, that we find him as enigmatic as the exact same time as well repelling!