AMAZING! Rishi Kapoor Will Never Interfere In Ranbir Kapoor’s Marriage, Read Why…

AMAZING! Rishi Kapoor Will Never Interfere In Ranbir Kapoor’s Marriage, Read Why…


Expert performer Rishi Kapoor lately said that he needs as he’s 33, Ranbir Kapoor to get married. Rishi also said he WOn’t ever intervene in Ranbir’s choice.

Speaking about the union of Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor told TOI, ”He’s 33 now. But having said that, it’s entirely upto him who he chooses. I never asked my father who I should marry; I just went to him for his blessings. Ranbir, too, will not seek our approval; only our blessings.”

Rishi Kapoor further added, ”I would never do matchmaking for him. Ranbir is passionate about movies, and I knew quite early on that his interest and love lay in films. If not an actor, he’d still have been connected with films in some way.”

”While I am a spontaneous actor, Ranbir combines the best of both, method and spontaneous acting. And he has got his head firm on his shoulders. It’s important for parents to not push their kids into a field they’re not interested in,” he said.

We all know that Rishi Kapoor is very active on Twitter, when asked to comment on the same, he said, ”I call a spade a spade. Why be a hypocrite? As for the backlash, I honestly couldn’t care less. People need to accept me for who I am, and I am someone who has never followed this herd mentality.”

”I have my opinions on certain issues, and I express them without any reservations. There are many people from my fraternity who dig beef, and enjoy having it on their trips abroad, but no one spoke about it when the beef ban came into effect. However, many a time, I feel my statements have been misunderstood,” Rishi Kapoor said.