AMAZING! We’re Finally Getting an 8th Harry Potter Book, but There’s a...

AMAZING! We’re Finally Getting an 8th Harry Potter Book, but There’s a Tiny Catch


After new material –lovers of the Harry Potter series happen to be pining for years–nearly a decade, in fact. For the very first couple of years after the final books’ launch the movie episodes satisfyed us, but then they too came to a conclusion.

Then came the announcement of a brand new play: New content was assured by it, and close on the Potter family we have been dreaming of. But as exciting as the news of the play was, there is just something about holding the universe of HP in your own two hands; something that can not be duplicated by any theatre so special. Rowling’s Pottermore website has just now announced that this summer will see the release of the print version of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child. That’s correct, the eighth novel is finally arriving. Of course, we should say that this installment will not read just like the others–it’s going to be the real script for the West End play. It encompass the version of the story that was performed during previews, whatever that may be, and will print immediately after the premiere of the show. We could expect some stage direction along with our normal Potter antics, but we don’t envision that it’ll be less charming.

And hey, it sure beats shelling out the cash to get a vacation to London to see the specific play.