American-Iranian nuclear deal! US surveillance of Israel shows Netanyahu government ‘tried to...

American-Iranian nuclear deal! US surveillance of Israel shows Netanyahu government ‘tried to persuade Congressmen to vote against Iran nuclear deal’


US intelligence agencies found the Israeli government leaked details of the US- Iran nuclear discussions and efforts that were organized with Jewish American groups to sabotage the discussions, it’s maintained.

In line with the Wall Street Journal, Mr Netanyahu was captured on tape about what it might require to make them vote from the nuclear deal agreed in July in 2013 negociate with on the fence representative and senators.

What is it going to take”.

The officials told the Wall Street Journal that it seemed Israeli negotiators were assured they’d have enough votes to block acceptance of the offer in Congress.

Israel used its own secret agents to collect information regarding the progress being made throughout the discussions which brought Iran back to the fold that was diplomatic .

Israel has said the move endangers their protection as Iran is among the many nations in the Middle East who don’t recognise Israeli sovereignty , and it has threatened to “wipe them off the map”.

NSA intercepts are reported to have revealed the nation was tracking the discussions in Switzerland although Israeli officials have denied targeting US negotiators.

Unit 8200, the NSA and its Israeli counterpart, have had close connections before.

The American organisation helped Israeli enlarge its electronic spying systems to track its regional enemies as well as the info was subsequently shared using the US.

Disclosures by Edward Snowden about American surveil have raised tensions in modern times although the two are considered to be working jointly from the beginning of the Obama administration.