AND HE NAILED IT! Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan goes UNRECOGNISED on...

AND HE NAILED IT! Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan goes UNRECOGNISED on a busy street of Mumbai


Yes! Yesterday a photographer Yogen Shah occurred to see Aryan. But the thing that is odd is Jr Khan was found by none of the folks around him. Not kidding! Only look at these images and you are going to understand what I will be attempting to say. Well, we’ren’t whining. The truth is, it’s not bad in a sense that unlike Shah Rukh Khan who’s constantly encircled by the papz, Aryan has that freedom to move around the manner he wants to.

Not to forget, Shah Rukh had once revealed how he has never let his kids get affected by his stardom. He had said, “We have never subjected our kids to the stardom. When they were born I was already a movie star. What has been clearly told or understood by them is that I work very hard. Initially, yes when I used to go to school they felt awkward because everybody was referred to as Ramesh’s father or Geeta’s father – but I was called Shah Rukh Khan. My daughter used to be a little taken aback. But no they are not embarrassed of me. My son Aryan never comes for my shows or shootings. My children have been brought up in such a way that whatever I do outside of our house is not something they have to necessarily keep a tab on.”