ANGER, LOVE & INTENSE ROMANCE! Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s sexual chemistry...

ANGER, LOVE & INTENSE ROMANCE! Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s sexual chemistry goes a shade darker


The makers of Fifty Shades intrigued us last Monday, with a teaser of the second film in the franchise. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson return for the film titled Fifty Shades Darker. But their BDSM contract…well Anastasia has no plans of even considering it. Christian has fallen for her so great that he also is prepared to change his manners. Now all this happy endings items just is restricted to the first half of the preview. The second half, as the tagline says “Slip into something a colour darker”, goes dim.

We see Ana and Christian reconcile. Ana is prepared to give a shot to Christian’s dreams, but there’ll not be any rule abiding contract this time. But demons of Christian’s past catch up in this one. We’re introduced to new characters- some who should have been there in the first film but were cut off. We’ll get to see more of Ana’s challenge and more of ’s backstory that is Christian.

As variation is ’sed by Beyonce from the first film and it’s also equally as sensuous.

The movie seems so much better than Fifty Shades of Grey. The success of the first movie has definitely given an improved production funding and it certainly reveals in the trailer. Also, James Foley replaces Sam Taylor-Johnson and brings his own dash, which is making the picture look better. Jamie and Dakota have worked on themselves and are seeming more comfy and gorgeous. Jamie appears more convincing as the sadomasochist billionaire . Jamie hasd said in a interview with ETONLINE “I felt more comfortable the second time around. There was a lot of pressure the first time. I think when you’re making the first film of any franchise there is a lot of pressure in terms of setting a tone and the way it’s shot and the way it’s played and finding your feet with it. It was very strange that I came into that job six weeks before they started filming, which is totally unheard of in a franchise of that size — and not the way you want to go into any job, really. This time I felt I had a lot more time on my hands. And the pressure seemed to be off a bit with every department because the first one made so much money. Everyone was in a better place about it. So it was definitely a better experience.”