ANIMAL WORLD! ‘Saddest’ polar bear Pizza offered new Yorkshire home

ANIMAL WORLD! ‘Saddest’ polar bear Pizza offered new Yorkshire home


An UK wildlife park has verified that it’s offering a brand new dwelling to a “lonely” polar bear named Pizza who is dwelling trapped in a Chinese mall.

A source from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster, England told BBC News that it had approached Grandview Centre in China’s Guangzhou city.

Mall authorities have not yet reacted to the public offer.

The captive bear made international headlines in July after a viral petition to shut the “ocean theme park”.

Videos appeared of a “teary eyed” bear declined on the floor of his glass enclosure.

The indoor zoo is also home to beluga whales, walrus calves, a wolf and arctic foxes.

While its owners insisted they have since made progress, the Animals Asia charity said states were still cramped, with “nothing natural”.

“We would be pleased to see Pizza wind up at Yorkshire Wildlife Park,” said Creatures Asia’s Welfare Director Dave Neale.

“There can be a happy ending – Pizza wouldn’t only enjoy incredible facilities, he’d also be part of a community of bears.”

The charity also said that no monetary payment was offered for the bear, “with the fear that any funds could be used to buy more critters”.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park houses a specially-created habitat for polar bears, which can be now home to four animals.

Described as an “innovative habitat for polar bears”, Project Polar is also a research centre designed to help wild bears and those from other zoos around the world – including lions from Afghanistan as well as a young giraffe from Copenhagen zoo which was ultimately destroyed.