Another warm day although fog set to go back on Friday

Another warm day although fog set to go back on Friday


The Met Office said there is going to be a foggy beginning with a different day of clear blue skies and warm temperatures to glaring sun, but it isn’t an Indian summer From fog.

The current weather in the North East changes within several hours – and is set to carry on on Friday.
Forecasters have called a foggy beginning before the day brightens up to finish a week of Fall sunshine.

“There could be more cloud and Friday is going to be the final day of clear blue skies.”

“At the weekend there’ll be some sun but winds in the south.”

As a result of the high pressure system higher earth has seen a number of the best temperatures.

Next week there grow is placed to a low pressure system bringing rain to the area and cooler temperatures over the area.

She included:

“At the Met Office we often describe it for a bout of warm, quiet weather.”

“We find it tends to be after in fall – after October and November.”

The spokeswoman said in a few areas of the UK comparative temperatures for early have found high temperatures in recent years – establishing the bar high.