Apple asserts the latest iPhone 6s is ‘on the go’ to overcome...

Apple asserts the latest iPhone 6s is ‘on the go’ to overcome sales record of iPhone 6


In accordance with the iPhone manufacturer, interest in the two new phones, which were announced in San Francisco last week and will both come with Apple’s new 3D Touch screen technology, has been “extremely strong”.

This is despite the exterior of the new mobiles being mostly unchanged compared to the mobiles of last year, but there’s now a rose gold version of the cellphone to go with 3D Touch.

One reason for this obvious performance may be that this season, unlike with the 6, 6s and the 6s Plus are going on sale in China on day one. The Cupertino-based business has made huge steps in the nation during the past year approximately, and adding China as a start nation is a sure fire way of keeping up sales.

With the Apple store already showing the need for the rose gold version of the 6s means getting it on launch day is not possible it seems to be working too.

Talking of launch day, the scenes of enormous queues outside your local Apple Store are just around the corner – the two new iPhones go on-sale on September 25.