Apple ‘fake factory’ shut down in China

Apple ‘fake factory’ shut down in China


An industry which makes 41,000 fake Apple iPhones has been raided in China.

According to BBC: news nine arrests

Police sealed the industry that manufactured $19M cost of replica iPhones.

A husband and wife lead the team for this elaborate operation. Team found “hundreds” of workers working as assembling department-where second-hand smartphone components were repacked and exported as new iPhones.

The company had been intimated by US authorities, which had clutched a bunch of the fake iPhone.

The factory was under observation by 14th of May but was exposed off on social platforms by Beijing’s public safety agency recently on Sunday.

The operation of exporting fake mobiles was established in January.

The Beijing workshop was actually been raided earlier and shut down after a complaint made from U.S. establishments, who had obtained some of the knock-off iPhones on American shores.

Apple’s fake copy popularity in China is exceeding day by day and many companies have been raided. This business is expanding and getting out of control.

The intelligences grab some fake goods with original trademarks of different companies.

China is agreed to work with US establishments in order to divide their work load. Try to stem huge amount of quantities of fake goods travelling between both countries.