Apple has recently rolled out the first ever, major operating system

Apple has recently rolled out the first ever, major operating system


Apple has rolled out the first ever, important operating system upgrade for the firm’s current OS construct, the iOS 9.1. And obviously, when a brand new patch gets released, many bugs and glitches will most surely surface. In this particular case, nevertheless, it is the TouchID feature that many enthusiasts have reported on the manufacturer’s newsgroup.

As stated by the report from Tech Radar, many Apple users that have upgraded the fans’ system to the iOS 9.1 build have been complaining about the TouchID feature being compromised. A few of the devices that folks were using are the tablet pc from Apple, the iPad Air 2 along with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus.

Many users claim that the TouchID characteristic was so tapped that occasionally it can not respond as rapidly as it should have, stated on Tech Radar.

On the other hand, some users might really believe the remedy because of this, for the time being of course until Apple works out this problem, would be to downgrade their iOS 9.1 back to iOS 9.0.2. Regrettably , this method is just not potential as Apple newsgroup user ChrisJ4203 has said on his answer that “Downgrading is just not supported by Apple.”

Moreover, it appears like there aren’t any potential fixes or workarounds with this type of issue. Tech Radar has stated on their report that it would be best for buffs to just wait for further upgrades from Apple about the TouchID issue of the iOS 9.1.

Meanwhile, as to get an instant option with this, another redditor has posted on an alternate thread that the passcodes are still working, which users can use for the mean time until Apple takes notice of this growing problem and releases a statement or a brand new update for iOS 9.1.