Apple Watch review: features, price and release date

Apple Watch review: features, price and release date


Apple released recently its new wearable tech product ” Apple Watch” since  tablet debuted in 2010. Tim Cook is to provide us with the full details about the smartwatch in San Francisco.
Generally, smartwatches are made to run its own apps, connect with iPhones, and be its own fashion product, however, we are going to give you everything we know about Apple Watch.


Apple Watch pricewill start at $349 in the US for the aluminum,while its accessories price is not revealed yet. The stainless-steel Apple Watch with its sapphire crystal-covered display, is bound to cost at least significantly more, while the 18-karat-gold Apple Watch Edition could climb to price levels associated with fine jewelry.

 Release Date:

it is set to be released in April but that’s likely to change later today when Tim Cook and co. take to the stage in San Francisco. there are rumors that have suggested March for the official Apple Watch date, but it’ll probably land in early April.


The smartwatch is designed to be “worn all day” and is “simple to charge at night.”  The battery life will be approximately one day.

The screen is bright and crisp, while riding a bike or balancing in a crowded train – words and pictures remained nicely readable.

The Apple Watch app has been leaked to 9to5Mac,the app reveals other functionality, including the ability to have the Watch vibrate during turn-by-turn directions. It can also nag you to stand up if you’ve been sitting down for the first 50 minutes of an hour, which is a setting we’ll probably turn off immediately. Notifications can also be customized.