Apple WatchOS 2: What’s new in the smartwatch?

Apple WatchOS 2: What’s new in the smartwatch?



During the media event of yesterday, Apple declared the newest operating system for the Apple Watch is going to be published on September 16. The software update will bring new attributes such as the power along with time lapse watch faces to add third party complications to the watch face. The company also noted that there are already 10,000 Apple Watch apps in the App Store, and there are a lot of new apps coming to the watch as well, including the Facebook’s Messenger chat app and a GoPro app that allows users to remotely control the GoPro camera.

WatchOS 2 is the initial major upgrade to Apple’s smartwatch applications from way back its launching in April 2015.

That’s the same day that iOS 9 is made offered to iPad iPhone and iPod Touch owners – before they could update their Apple Watch, users should download iOS 9 to their iPhone. But will WatchOS 2 affect what goes on in your wrist?

Detractors slamming the Apple Watch as an expensive remote control for the iPhone do possess a purpose: the Apple wearable is largely reliant upon the phone, particularly for running programs. This all changes with Native Apps in WatchOS 2, enabling apps to run right on the watch instead of remotely on the iPhone.

This all makes for considerably improved performance and responsiveness. Programs may also run entirely standalone minus the iPhone being present.

Interaction and personalization’s amount which is born out of the Watch can make today’s smartphone experiences appear dated and general.

Special Features: 


  • Wi-Fi Watch
  • Hardware Access
  • Pictures and Sound
  • Third-Party Complications
  • Time Travel
  • Watch Faces
  • Nightstand Mode
  • Apps Aplenty