AR Rahman replies back to fatwa, says he failed to direct or...

AR Rahman replies back to fatwa, says he failed to direct or produce the film


Indian singer and composer AR Rahman replied back to a fatwa against him, stating that he participated in Muhammad: Messenger of God with good intentions.


AR Rahman appears to be in trouble these days for his involvement within an Irani film, based on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The picture is a part of a trilogy and also the first part is labeled Muhammad:

Messenger of God. AR Rahman composed the music of the film, that a fatwa was established against him by a Mumbai-based Raza Academy and Muslim clergy.

A couple of days after the fatwa was issued against him, the Oscar-winning vocalist cancelled a concert at the final minute. Coordinators were convinced that it was in reaction.


Here are a few excerpts from the message that was posted from AR Rahman’s official Facebook account:-

“I didn’t direct or produce the film I just did the music. My spiritual experiences of working on the film are very personal and I would prefer not to share these. My decision to compose the music for the film was made in good faith and with no intention of causing offence.”

“A film whose conception was to unite humanity, clear misconceptions and spread my message,” he said.