Assessment! Hyping China’s maneuvers in South China Sea will not hide U.S....

Assessment! Hyping China’s maneuvers in South China Sea will not hide U.S. role as top destabilizer


The recent U.S. hoopla about alleged Chinese military maneuvers in South China Sea, yet spectacular, WOn’t conceal the fact that Washington is now the top subscriber of tension in the area.

China has made clear that it does not have any intent to militarize the area. Its tasks are primarily for care functions, enhancing the living conditions for the staff that are stationed there and supplying more public goods in the area.

With trillions of dollars’ worth of goods traversing the plot of water annually, the South China Sea is essential to China’s development and to global trade. Beijing does not have any motive to interrupt among its own vital arteries of commerce.

As a matter of fact, America, which has become fixated on the South China Sea as it declared a pivot to the Asia Pacific, has been the primary source of destabilization in the region.

It’s ran a slew of air and naval patrol excursions in the area of the China-owned islands in clear violation of the sovereignty in China, as well as international law.

Military bases have also reopened in a move widely interpreted as stirring up tension in the area, in the Philippines.

Also, some states in the area are taking more provocative measures to press for territorial claims that are unlawful since the United States set the South China Sea on its radar.

There is no doubt Washington would top the list if there were a position for destabilizers in the South China Sea.

The practices in the area in China are not offensive in nature, also it sees direct discussions between competing claimants rather than military means as the most effective solution to resolve any dispute.

The reality shows the U.S. hindrance just makes the problem more complex. For the South China Sea waters to be quiet, its hideous custom of smearing China should cease and steer clear of any move that stirs up tension in the area.